09.19.2005 || 01h33

How do I end up with stuff like this?

So, yesterday, we discovered a bird that shouldn't have been outside. It was on the back balcony, looking kinda tropical and scared, and Jazz was about to open the window to go get it when Cat Number 2 jumped up and mrrowed at it through the screen. Obviously, it took off like a bat outta hell.

So we got some shoes on and spent the next 20 minutes looking for the damned thing. I finally spotted it on a fence under the expressway across the street, so we slowly went over to it and used Jazz's sweatshirt to pick it up. We tried to find its owner by ringing on the three doorbells in our immediate neighbourhood, but no one's got birds.

So we got a cage and some food. Apparently, it's something called an Agapornis fischeri. We called it 'Bounty' for no good reason other than that we have no idea what gender it is, but it looks tropical. We have since discovered that Lovebirds are African, so the whole Tahitian connexion to Bounty is kinda wrong, but really, is the bird going to care? And now, I'm reading up on the care of this species: what constitutes a healthy diet, how to train it not to bite and alladat.

Anyway, the damned thing's kinda cute. I'd put up a picture if I had a digital camera.

Okay, to bed. I've got three songs to learn before work to-morrow...

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