09.15.2005 || 20h04

Lists, man... Lists.

Well, I have rocked this week straight onto its arse. Almost every day, I made me a to-do list and counted coup on its sorry bum. A few highlights:

  • I got me an appointment to do my learner's license exam for 27 October. not something I see as being compulsory for a long and happy life (okay, I actually think I need a driver's license like I need a candy-coated colostomy bag), but next time Jazz and I drive to Toronto or something, I'm going to have to be able to spell her. The last road trip nearly did the poor girl in.
  • I gotta send my dead iPod to Vancouver. Third party warranties suck many goat anuses, man. I'm so out of love with the iPod that it's kinda newsworthy. And by the way, question: Howcome anyone with the previous generation 'Pod's sitting pretty but anyone I know with a clickwheel model's on their third or fourth 'Pod? This is both sick *and* wrong. I'm writing a letter to NATO and having them Nuke Cupertino then do a followup invasion of the rest of California. Take that, Applepeeps.
  • Pictures of the Gary Fisher are taken and ready for dissemination to potential buyers.
  • I changed the kitty litter.
So, I spent to-day doing a few things like cleaning my room and re-visiting a couple of my basslines (no big changes, just a little finessing). I went for a bike ride at some point, but it seemed like the whole world was on the streets and hating it, so I decided to come home before I got sideswiped by a taxi or caught between two colliding vehicles. I dunno, it's weird how sometimes traffic just seems... off, I guess.

Anyway, gig to-night, shrink's appointment to-morrow, then Jazz comes to town in the afternoon. Don't bother trying to find me, I'm going to be lost in someone's arms 'til Sunday night.

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