05.28.2006 || 09h54

More crime stupidity

So the upstairs meatfucker saga continues: at about 9h30 yesterday morning, I got a call from a cop who wanted to know if we'd heard anything or if we'd seen and trucks or anything outside on the night in question, to which I said no, that we heard something but didn't think it was anything weird since the rat bastard's so loud as a matter of course, and that, since we were watching movies from about 21h00 on, we didn't see anything. The cop said that they were looking for *anything* because they had no leads and they can't seem to get in touch with Rat Fucker. I said I hoped they'd nab the guys and hung up...

And realised that the cop never left me his number or said to call him if I remembered anything.

Then when Marv and I were coming home from Canadian Tire in the afternoon, we saw four people come out, all dressed as one would expect villains in low-budget crime flicks to look: a brace of bodyguardly types with black suits and sunglasses, a tough guy in a bright-patterned shirt and some woman in a little black dress and (you guessed it) shades. We just kept walking past and bought some beer for the party we were having before going back home.

When Jazz got home, she called the police and found out that a) The inspectors wouldn't have called me yesterday because it was saturday and inspectors get the week-end off, and b) they already had suspects in their sights.

We're gonna call again on Monday and tell them that these guys have my phone number.

I dunno. Something in the story wasn't adding up before, and now it's obvious that this isn't a case of a home invasion.

I want him to go away. I want to live in peace, fer fuksakes.

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