06.06.2006 || 17h00

de-stressing, biking and terrorism

So, things seem to have calmed down a bit. The problem upstairs seems to be sorting itself out somehow with no dire consequences other than a couple of shadies making sure we didn't see anything, and Jazz's follow-up X-ray revealed that she is, in fact not going to lose an arm or anything too serious. It looks like a narsty case of tendonitis, in fact. So now she's got these excercises she has to do, and they seem to make her a little grumpy because they're hard on the body, but i'll take that over the other option any day.

I've also finally got my �ber-bling bike working, which is nice :- A couple of friends and I saddled up and went to Bromont for a *very* muddy Sunday of slopping our way down the mountain. The second time I went through the centre of a puddle that ended up going over my hubs made me stop worrying about all the mud and just go with it.

I really need some bike shampoo, though. Even after the post-ride bike shower, my C'Dale's pretty grimy.

Oh, and I'd say that the nabbing of over a dozen would-be terrorists with three tonnes of sodium nitrate and their sights set on half of Toronto and Ottawa should shake us a bit out of our complacency. Even though Osama Bin Laden singled Canada out as one of the countries he's got a mean on for, we still tend to think that we're not big enough to be noticed -- even though our troops are doing the Afghanistan combat duty for which our European friends have no stomach. I mean, when the Maple Leaf is flying over bases full of combat troops who go out and shoot at Taliban and Al-Qaeda remnants every day, you've kinda gotta think that someone's going to notice us, you know? Turns out their plans were diverse, running from storming parliament and beheading the prime minister to attacking the CBC's HQ and opening fire into a crowd or two. We ain't talking about endless empty threats, here.

So the question becomes, what happens next?

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