06.26.2005 || 01h33


Dear diary, it's been ten days since my last entry. Life's been busy.

So yesterday was St-Jean Baptiste day here in la belle province. It was also the anniversary of the national anthem. Aside from that, nothing of consequence happened.

Okay, we did a gig at Hurley's where we performed three songs in Québécois to celebrate the fête Nationale, but we got cut for our third set becasue there was no one there. Everyone was on terraces or at Parc Maisonneuve due to holiday things and the freaking HOT weather. Same thing to-night. To-morrow's mountain biking at Bromont, then date things with Jazz (okay, and putting a slew of songs on her iPod, but there is going to be date stuff as *well*...).

Thie shrink I'm seeing is saving my life. I know it. it's a rough programme and my homework has me sobbing in jazz's arms more often than not, but I'm definitely getting somewhere with this. My life lies open before me, as opposed to the cloudy wreck that it's seemed for the past few years or so.

Interesting thing about Jazz: since I've started seeing her, girls have been paying *much* more attention to me, like the positive effect she's having on my ego is visible to others or something. I think there's something to that, as many of my friends have commented on how it's nice to see me alive again. I share that feeling. Not for the being noticed by girls bit, but rather for what else comes with this. And from the therapy too. It's ni e to *be* alive again.

But now I'm off to bed. I have to be up in 5 hours to go pedalling across a mountain.

||Gods save the Queen,

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