06.15.2005 || 11h10

Biking and political pap

So, mountain biking was freaking fun, though having my 33-year-old arse passed by 16-year-old girls doing mach 5 on $20,000 bikes was less than stellar on the ego. There was a definite bonus, though. You see, we just went through a week-long heat and smog warning here in Montréal, which mean that in seven days, I had four asthma attacks. But out there in the countryside on Sunday, even though it was hot and I was working my bum off, I could breathe. The whole time. I took one precautionary pump before going, of course, but the fact is that I could fucking *breathe,* and I could definitely get addicted to that.

Oh: the government survived 16 confidence votes in the House yesterday. How's that for hanging on? THis whole NDP/Liberal coalition thing is working because the NDP's getting some of the stuff I care about onto the Lib's agenda, but I'd feel better if they had one or two more seats in the house between them, especially as yet another Lib went independent a week or two ago...

This has definitely *not* been just another year in Canuckistani politics.

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