06.29.2005 || 10h41

A short note inspired by Blueshoe

So I've got these really meaty, toothy pedals on my bike right? they're designed for downhill, and they bite into the sole of your shoe like a pitbull to keep your foot from slipping off when you're bouncing over rocks the size of baby's heads (in biking, we call those 'babyheads,' by the way...). They're great and they work, but in the rare case that you *do* slip off one during a particularly nasty stretch of muddy, rutted trail -- where you almost go headfirst off the side of the mountain, say -- you end up picking flaps of your skin out of a cut the size of a cellphone. I'm talking purely hypothetically, here... heh?

Oh, and in an item for the 'We're less American than ever' file, the Grits' same sex marriage bill passed last night. Not by a landslide or anything, but the combined votes of most Liberal, NDP and Bloc Québécois votes gave them the weight to carry the motion. This apparently makes Canada the third country after the Netherlands and Belgium to officially recognise gay marriage. I never know if factoids like that are true, and I guess it doesn't really matter; all that matters is that gays are now free to join in the joyful and acrimonious circus that is the marriage and divorce industry.

So, I was just reading Blueshoe's latest entry and it's kinda weird how our lives move in parallel on occasion (I remember saying as much to her a couple of years ago, in fact). The weirdness she's going through vis-a-vis telling her ex that she's with someone new practically the day after breaking up with him kind of reminds me of how fast Jazz and I got together after my relationship with Mystie imploded, and how weird I felt about it. I knew that when Mystie found out I was with someone new so soon, she was going to think that the 'someone' was a factor in our breakup, even though Mystie and I were the only factors in that. I also knew that when she found out who the other person was, she was going to ballisticise, which she did. It looked weird, I know. It felt weird, too.

I guess what bugged me about it was that, even though I had been open and honest the whole way, there's no way that anyone watching this happen would believe that. I put a lot of value in being trusted by the people I know, and I know that to a certain segment of Montréal -- anyone Mystie knows, for example -- I look really bad right now, which is kinda tragic because I'm doing really well these days, and I'm a better person for it. Just ask anyone *I* know.

Nothing big going on here. Blueshoe just reminded me of a few things is all.

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