12.16.2004 || 02h19

supper out

I went to a great dinner party with the actors last night. Sort of an X-masy thing. I made two salads with Romaine, yellow pepper, orange pepper, radishes, carrots and brown café mushrooms. One with grated cheese and the other without. Then I made my usual olive oil / balsamic / garlic / ground pepper / parmesan dressing to put on them. There was a lot of food there, and then there was a blind present exchange in which I did not participate because I'm fucking penniless this year.

I had a great time, though. I was having good food and sitting surrounded by people with whom I'm comfortable, and most of whom haven't yet said anything that bores me. Some of them have become close friends over the last year and a half or two years, others I've only gotten to know since the summer when we started working towards building the play. But when I'm talking to someone and they're actually listening, as opposed to just trying to make statements, that really brings the warmth factor up for me. It feels like there's actual discussion going on.

I talk to an awful lot of people everyday who don't fucking listen. It especially happens with people who 'know' stuff. You know, the masters students or the teacher's assistants, the academics, the intelligentsia and the nausea...

And often, actors. Hell, the last acting group with which I associated myself was a hellhole of orgiastic crap *and* a hive of people who never heard one another. in light of that, these guys kind of give me hope that I'm not actually setting out on a life surrounded by total sleaze.

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