12.20.2004 || 21h24

The good with the bad

Eh. I had to ask Apple for some new headphones to-day. the ones that came with my doomPod have never worked proper-like, and I finally got up the gumption to e-mail them. okay, it's taken since 03 September to do this, but I still think that 'better late than never' is an excellent motto by which to live.

I'm currently waiting for Mystie to get out of an exam so we can see a film or something. I dunno: she only gets out at 21h00, so it'd be a late show if we end up going.

Man, my life sucks right now. strange, seeing as it's actually not all that bad, but I can't afford to give anyone anything for xmas -- far more important to me than actually *getting* stuff -- oh, and I lost the antibiotics I was taking for my hand, so now I have to go to the doctor's to-morrow to see if I need to start all over again. Money's beyond tight and work sucks to top that off, and my relationship is in neutral at the moment.

I have friends with whom my life is never fodder for anything. I have others with whom I'm never embarrassed. I actually occasionally work with actors. Bonus = actors who *aren't* always trying to get down my -- or each other's -- pants. My band gigs regularly and I'm becoming a better musician for it.

These are good things. They rock, actually. So why am I so down? I think I might know why, but I don't want to think about that right now.

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