12.12.2004 || 11h20

Gays and marriage and crap

So, it looks like gay marriage just *might* actually become legal from coast to coast to coast in Canada after all. I know this is a particularly narsty can of worms and I know that it's going to divide the country like nothing else. I also know that I'm completely for it, though I strangely have certain reservations: I really do believe that gays should be allowed to marry if other couples can. that's not my problem. My problem is with the state of marriage in this country (well, maybe the western world in its entirety). Instead of trying to pack more and more segments of the population into an institution that's coming apart at the seams, maybe we should be re-thinking the institution itself. If we have to keep marriage, then maybe it should be a five-year renewable contract with built-in prenup clauses. The fact is that we've taken what is actually a *public* institution based on social harmony, and draped it with these weird ideas of private bliss, *then* we've added to that the unattainable and contrary goals of true domestic happiness and personal fulfilment.

Five year renewable contract. If it's not working, you go your separate ways. Nobody's fired, it's just that their contract wasn't renewed. Your happy memories don't get flushed into the college fund for some lawyer's kid and you don't fight over who gets which freaking set of sheets.

Anyway, to continue the parade of dismality that is 2004, I'm sorta on the cusp of losing my voice due to the Cold that Just Won't Quit, and Mystie seems to have thrown her back out of something. She's in a whole wicked swack of pain, which makes her the perfect mate for me, since I'm the same way.

Though at least my hand's getting better by a lot, and she got a new job to replace the crappy one she lost. She starts in January, I'm playing bass again next week. Bright spots. Man, it's all about the bright spots these days.

Uh, and I'm sincerely hoping that this represents the views of the far-right fringe in the US, because it's freaking ridiculous. Makes it hard to keep up the belief that they're our closest friends.

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