10.22.2004 || 23h27

Friday night at home

Not feeling so good to-day. I woke up feeling that familiar scratchy, headachy way that says 'several hours in a smoky bar last night,' and just couldn't get back on the ball all day. I fell asleep in the bath, I had plans that didn't come to fruition, including my plans to accompany Mystie to a certain poetry tour. I dunno, really; I decided, while sitting with Mystie and waiting for a ride that was growing increasingly late, that the last thing I wanted to do while feeling this way was spend another night in a smoky café. I know the show was going to be really cool, but I just felt too shitty. Ergo, I begged off and headed for home. I stopped in at Calories for supper because the fact that I had hardly eaten all day was a definite factor in all this...

Anyway, then I came home and sorta sat around for a while, snuggling a bottle of Tylenol and a big ol' mug of tea -- and two highly appreciative cats.
I tried to do some work on the theatre company's website, but I really hate web design, so I ain't doing anymore of that to-night. You hear?

Oh, Jazz called to-night as well. She's in town for a week, and *might* have time for a quick coffee one night. It was great to hear her voice again and to shout her down in that weird franglais that she and I always use. I dunno, she's also got this pragmatic streak that makes her infuriating to talk to, even though she's usually right.

Of course, She ain't infallible: I mentioned that I'd just bought BladeRunner, and she didn't know what it was. Turns out she was 01 when it came out, but that's no excuse... of course the whole 'different film canon for French speakers' thing might have something to do with this...

Just to keep up the whole non sequitur aspect of to-night's entry, I'll mention the weird dreams I've been having. My dreams lately have been nothing if not bizarre; like this one where the epic leaks in our solarium roof have transported themselves into my bedroom, and there are water bubbles all over the ceiling and streams of liquid are coursing down the walls. that one was on a very rainy night; I guess some sort of stress was acting in tandem with whatever senses were registering the rain battering the window to mess with my sleep.

There are others, but the strangest thing is that I'm actually remembering some of them. Usually I don't remember a dream unless I woke up from it crying, so whatever's going on in my cranium must be big.

...or it might be nothing more than a lack of sex. The fact that I'm too tired at bedtime and Mystie never has time in the morning's becoming a bit of a bother.

Ugh, I still feel a little shitty. I think I'm going to think about going to bed.

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