10.25.2004 || 04:03

just let it flow

So it's past 4 in the ay-em and I'm tired as shite of web design and speaking of tired and shite I was reading some Mingus Tourette earlier and thinking 'okay, you're kinda cool I guess but frankly Bukowski did this first and way better' and I noticed thatgood ol' galaxyrabbit's just updated so I don't feel so lonely or owlish and I've been doing web design and now like I said it's the fricking wee hours and just to be even sweeter I just froze my Verified By Visa account while trying to set up the theatre group's site by which I mean the one I just finally finally finally finished the rough of so I called the Visa peeps and there was still someone there but their system's updating so she couldn't help me but if I call back at or after 8 ay-em all should be functional again and I sai '8? shee-it, nizzle! I'm still going to be abed. Can I call later?' and she said ' Damn straight, you white-assed piece of dumbfuck!' so I sent an e-mail to the production committee to say 'sorry bitches but no site to-night. Of course, you're all sleeping so this don't mean shizzle, eh?' and nownownow I'm going to sleep.

||Gods save the Queen,

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