10.20.2004 || 10h42

chatting vs cheating

So to-day, Mystie rides into battle against incompetence and sloth, or at least that as exhibited by Con U's financial aid department. Of course, her 'phone's all broke or something, so I couldn't give her a quick call to wish her luck or anything...

Here's to hoping. But she's not alone in this: the stage manager for our play in November's one of those 'mericans going to school up here as well. He's at McGill. His loan's 11 weeks late. Dunno *wtf's* going on with that.

Speaking of Americans. There's a major problem in NYC, one that I nearly got on a bus over last night. A long phonecall or two ended up with me not having to leave town, but I don't know how this is going to play out. It looks like a marriage is up for grabs down there.

Wives and girlfriends, listen up: those innocent on-line flirtations and dirty talk that you think is sooo innocent? You're absolutely going to get caught one day, and then he'll never trust you again. It's just in the way the 'net's set up. you *have* no privacy. You *have* no anonymity.

When I used to use AIM for online chatting, there was a function for putting up a little bio or profile about yourself, you know; to make yourself more interesting to potential chat partners. I don't know if there's any way to do that with iChat. I suppose there is, what with it using the same network and all, but that's not the point. my profile very clearly stated that I had no problem chatting about this and that, but that I wasn't single, so I was *not* available for Cybering or other forms of postmodern cheating. Other guys are more forgiving/flexible about this. Not me.

Apparently I'm not alone. But I'm still here in Montréal, it seems that he's forgiving, though he said that he doesn't trust her anymore and that he's really trying and all that other stuff. He had questions about the summer in 98, when he was already in NYC and she was still living beside me, he wonders where she's gone with whom, he knows that they're very possibly at the end of a 10-year journey, and that she's gotten a citizenship and a law degree out of him -- and he's not happy at all.

But he's going to bounce back from this, with or without his wife. he's just that kind of unstoppable guy.

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