09.13.2004 || 09h45

Yay! more hopsital crap.

You know when you're listening to some song that you really like, and it's in a foreign language, like say, Russian? And then you see a translation of the lyrics and it's total pap?

Yeah, I hate that too.

So, it's back to the hospital to-day. More hours spent sucking at the shrivelled tit of Canada's deteriorating healthcare system.

How fitting, then, that to-day Paul Martin sits down at a table with aaaallll the provincial and territorial premiers to yell and curse and hopefully hammer out a framework for some new fucking funding. I can just see how this is going to pan out:

Premier 1: Paul

PM: That's Mr Martin.

Premier 1: Paul.

PM: You want the money?

Premier 1: Okay, Mr Martin. Can we have some money?

PM: No.

Premier 1: Aw come ooonnnn! People are dying while waiting for chemo and surgeries and all those treatmenty things that I can't pronounce. Gimme some money!

PM: Okay, here's a quarter. Call someone who cares.

Premier 2 [comforting a sobbing Premier 1]: You heartless bastard!

PM: Look, I offered $12 billion and it wasn't enough for you fuckers. I'm *supposed* to be buying a new ship for my company, not messing around in politics and legislation. Oh, *and* I have to deal with the fact that the three Opposition Parties are suddenly a co-opposition and that's just gonna leave me hanging with my butt out. I mean, hello? Minority government, here! Jebus, no one *told* me this job was going to be hard, okay! Look, don't I deserve love too? Don't I? Don't I? [starts to whimper].

The premiers of Québec and Alberta finally agree on something by getting up and leaving.

You know, this really tests my resolve. I mean, I do believe in a one-tier socialised medicine system. I really do. I don't think that being rich does *anything* to make you deserve better healthcare than the ones without tax breaks. That is a concrete block in the foundation of my belief system. But if I'd had the money to get my stupid hand all fixed up without the endless hours, would I do it? I can't say 'no' with the same confidence to-day as I would have several weeks ago. Not with the system sucked almost dry like this.

And this crap makes the recent sponsorship scandal and Department of Defence mis-spendings and the general lack of financial intelligence in Ottawa look insulting. It makes no sense that the high muckey-mucks at lobby groups and contractors get fat off their friends in Ottawa while simultaneously the Canadian citizen can't get service at a hospital.

And I have no idea what I can do about it.

||Gods save the Queen,

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