09.10.2004 || 02h51

wee hours webwork and slight stress

Just as an aside, my new iPod's really cool. For some reason, I ain't excited about it in the least, but I definitely acknowledge its utter coolity.

in other news, wow. This is going to change some stuff around here. Boy, I'm flirting with the idea of actually being a little optimistic about politics for once...

That's actually the total result of a wee break I took from freaking web design for to-night. Mystie came by after work, but I really just had time to put her to bed because the band's gallery section has to be ready for Marv to put together to-morrow.

Oh: I'm seeing the hospital again on Monday. I went to my clinic and the doc agrees with me that they might have treated the wrong bone, so I'm going back to see them. There's the possibility that it'll need to be re-broken or something else that I'm just not going to think about... heh?

But dude, if I was right and I have to go through all this again because the doc didn't *listen* to me, I'm going to have some very unkind things to say to her. Very.

Anyway, I'm finally done most of the work on the gallery section, so I'm off to bed. I'll do more in the morning. Oh wait: it *is* the morning...

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