09.15.2004 || 02h06

more work and hospital shite.

okay, so just to be *extra* weird, the hospital said that there was no need for physio, and that the pain I felt when I tried to play bass would set itself right so long as I took it slow.

Jigga what?

In other news, the Cameroonese shift lead at CoffeeHellCo gave his two weeks to-day because the illiterate bitch they promoted above us finally becaume too much for him. Apparently, the manager wants him to wait and see about to-morrow's staff meeting before deciding.

...but the new shift lead who got promoted up from the ranks of the baristas called in to say she wasn't coming in anymore, either. A barista or two begged me not to bring in my two weeks' notice, but I really don't know if I can take this anymore. I find it ridiculous that I stress over a McJob -- and not even over the job itself, but rather over the likelihood that I won't get to leave ontime because the new assistant manager hasn't done shite all day.

So, anyone need a copy editor or tech writer?

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