07.26.2004 || 14h24

A little note about the late costume designer at MWOS.

Jebus, I'm feeling sad. I was sorta ambling home from a dentist appointment and I saw the landlady futzing about with a lawnmower out the front, so I stopped to give her and her husband my condolences about Costume Designer. We talked a little about him and how weird his place is now that he's gone. You see, he sold his Montréal gaf to them when he moved to Lunenberg, and he left his furniture in because there wasn't room in Lunenberg for it all, so they'd been renting it furnished. Landlady says that it's so weird to walk into the place because it's almost like he's still there.

There'll be a second memorial, this time in Montréal. There were hundreds there in Lunenberg and there's a whole city full of leftovers over here.

I feel cheated that I only knew him for a few years.

Everybody loved him. Everybody.

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