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Gr, having troubs updating again...

18 July 16h06
Fricking hell, I finally had it with my front derailleur, so I pedalled off to get a new one.

The cycle place was closed. Inventory or somesuch nonsense.

So I pedalled down the hill to the place next to work and bought an LX. My bike'll be ready at 16h30-ish. Great, but I had a whole list of things to do before work at 18h00, and now I'm stuck cooling my heels and drinking tea and messing about on my computer and alladat fun stuff when I *should* be slogging through the deluge outside to do a bunch of errands.

Oh, the pain ;-)


I was reading an article in the New York Times magazine about the new network of 'progressive entrepreneurs' that is developing to help unseat Bush in the next election (or the one after that), and work to 'liberalise' US politics in general. The fact is that the con/neocon set in the US has been setting up a network for years now, and one that permeates all levels of US society and includes such players as the Fox network and the Wall Street Journal as well as advocay groups and media outlets that stand on the US$300 million foundation laid down by the Coors and Bradley families, among others.

The difference is that the loose collection of 527s (like moveon.org, Emily's List and the Sierra Club) sorta backing the Democrats isn't really partisan in the old way; some of the prime movers behind this don't even plan to keep it up after they've (hopefully) derailed Bush and his cronies. In fact, if not for the fact that high-profile Democratic Party contributors were driving so many of the 527s, it might not have looked like a Democrat thing at all.

The thing is, the Democratic Party is on the rails, even if they win the next election: one in six card-carriers have left the party over the past several years, and the party's been in retreat on the state level for decades. Some of the visionary investors behind the 527s are thinking about progressive politics (formerly 'Liberalism') in a completely new context, one in which the Democratic party plays a small role, if any at all. In fact, some people are starting to say that, Like the Whig Party, the Democratic party's run it's course.

Either way, they all apparently think that *2008* is the most important election coming, and that it might be better for *them* if Kerry loses this one because it'll keep imperativeness fresh for them to bring their projects into line for 2008.

So, two things: I can't wait to see how this pans out, and how the hell can we get something like that going up here?


29 July 14h09
Holy shite, it's 'bar.' I was sitting in the bath and singing a couple of songs to myself to get ready for to-night's gig, and outta nowhere the fookin' word that I haven't hit once in all the gigs just came to me outta the blue. Hell, I wasn't even thinking about that particular song at the time...

Anyway, the lyric goes 'There's a *bar* in the rec-room, in the basement of our house, a little shrine to Ballantyne, Haig and Famous Grouse...'

Well, that settles that.


30 July 2h01
Cool, we get every Thursday from here 'til the cows come home. I guess that makes us one of the pub's house bands. If I weren't so damned tired I'd feel like celebrating...

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