07.25.2004 || 10h50

Hi there. Tired. Very tired...

The question remains: Even if Kerry won by a landslide, and was brilliant and led the Democrats into a sweep of the house, would that make anyone ever love the States again?

According to people in 'zines like the Atlantic and Harper's, not really. Apparently too many of his top advisers were George Bush Sr's top advisers, which leads me to a jaw-dropped 'WTF?'

There are far too many non-elected people running the show down there, the President notwithstanding.


I feel like I haven't slept in years. Well, it's been a roung few days, at any rate. After our less-than-stellar gig on Thursday, I worked a close on Friday, got home by 2h16 or so, then tossed and turned until about 4h00. Then I got up because I had to be at work again by 9h00 on Saturday because Bossman swapped shifts with me so I could do Saturday's gig. Home and bed by 3-ish, at which point I died. I vaguely remember Mystie coming to bed because I felt the bed move, but that's about it...

I'd love to just lounbge until work to-day, but Monstre's in town, and nothing's keeping me from brunching with her and her man. It's in an hour and a halfish, so that gives me time to sort out how to do things like walk and dress under the influence of sleep deprivation...

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