06.28.2004 || 14h17

Hey, if you can walk away from it...

Okay, so I hurt. I got me some scrapes and bruises and a vaguely sore neck from a near catastrophic (and in hindsight, *really* funny) accident I got myself into yesterday. See, I was waiting for Bossman to meet me on the corner of Sherbrooke and Greene, right next to the Westmount Medical building (the irony of which doesn't escape me), so I was swooping about on the aluminium roadhog, and I decided to try a little jump. The building is on this sort of pedestal I guess. It's about 3/4 of a metre off the lawn. Anyway, I decided I'd try to zoom off the pedestal and across the surrounding grass, so I took a reasonably long ride at it to get up to speed, and zoomed off into the air.

The lawn wasn't as solid as I figured. The front tyre bit grass and I went over the handlebars, *then* the bike landed on me.

This was just as Bossman was arriving, of course. He apparently saw the whole thing. He biked over to find me laughing at myself, but still unsure whether or not I was broken.

The damage? One wrenched shoulder (which I'll have to get back into shape quickie-frisco, seeing as I've got a gig in two days) plus assorted dings and scrapes. Oh, and the vaguely aching neck.

Anyway, it was pretty funny.

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