06.26.2004 || 01h32

Doggies, eh?

Hm. It seems that Ottawa's own Peter Jennings is in the runnig for Playgirl Magazine's 'Sexiest TV Newscaster' award. Oh, the winner will be featured in the October issue.

I know *I'm* saving up. Hell, it just goes to show you that a guy can grow up in a fucking swamp, get his arse deemed not good enough for the CBC, and still end up making something of himself. I mean, America By Canadians, Playgirl... Dudes, Pete'e nigh on unstoppable! Maybe he and Alanis can get together. You know, be Ottawa's poster couple or something...

Oh, and in a typically Canadian twist, a loaded up his trunk with rifles, knives, and over 6000 rounds and drove off to Toronto, intending to commit a little US-style mass mayhem, right? well, it turns out the blighter walked into a park and got accosted by (get this) a playful dog with a frisbee in its mouth. So the guy played with the pooch a bit, and his heart just went on and melted right there. He got hisself up, complemented the dog's owner on her excellent taste in canines, and went off to turn himself in to the cops.

In the words of the newly-homesteaded Mystie: Jigga-what?

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