07.01.2004 || 01:34

The gig that never was.

Hey, it's a flipping gorgeous night out to-night. I'm reluctant to stay inside right now and write this because of it. Yeah, yeah, it's 01h34 in the A-M, but I was supposed to be doing a gig to-night, so I'm kinda in 'up 'til 2h00' mode. Yeh, *supposed* to be doing a gig. We were in the car and nearing the pub when one of the managers called on my mobile and said 'Oups: we double booked. The other band's already setting up and they came in from Ottawa, so...' I guess he wasn't expecting us to show up anyway so as not to totally let down the couple dozen people who'd come out to see us play. There was no one setting up yet when we walked in, and the other manmager said roughly. 'Uh? Ottawa? Naw, it's our house band and they keep their stuff upstairs. They'll be setting up in about a half hour...'

I'm paraphrasing.

Anyway, we saw the couple dozen people, had a pint, then I left with Mystie and a friend of hers whose in town for a few days.

Which is really cool, by the way. It had really been eating the girl up how no one in her life back southside had come to see her, and having JD in town has brought about an immense change in her. Nice to see. Too bad JD's going home again in a couple of days.

So to-morrow, it's off to see the Canada Day parade, then somewhere else to find something to do...

Oh, by the way, take that.

||Gods save the Queen,

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