05.14.2004 || 14h05

Shite's shite

So yeah, a few days ago I found our from someone in the know that Mystie could have had her landed immigrancy status handed to her when she graduated from her MA in philosophy, due to a sea of openings coming around the corner. When I mentioned that she'd just dropped out of the programme, he said 'Oh. Well, that's okay too, I guess... So, how's the band coming?'

I'm sure things will end up working alright somehow, though -- without her getting trapped in a field she hates.

Yesterday, Scottish Legs gave me an early birthday present: She called to wake me up in the morning, then whisked me off to a massage and a brilliant (and brilliantly expensive) lunch at Modavie down near the Old port, thence to coffee while she waited to pick up her hubby at work. I then went to get a well-needed haircut and to meet Mystie for a flick.

The flick was great. It was intermission, if you must know. And now that I've told you, you'd better go see it.

Aside from that, shite's shite, I suppose. nothing big going on. Lotsa practising, seeing as I've got to make up for a week or so that I took off to finish up some screenplay crap. Gig on TGuesday, and all.

Bored. bye.

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