05.13.2004 || 02h21

Kirsty stuff

So apparently I *am* the only one on the planet who thinks that the Smiths' 'Bigmouth Strikes Again' would sound awesome with a children's choir singing the hermonised backup vocals.

I still maintain that this does not make me scary. I hope one day to see if it'd work, though. The concept is nothing short of brilly-fucking-ant.

I've been listening to a lot of Smiths and Morrissey tunage lately. It's all the Ceeb's fault: they played me his latest comeback hit one morning a couple of weeks ago, and it strangely sparked off a renewed drive to get back all the vaguely left-leaning brit folk stuff that I lost when I had my doomBook replaced (changing computers can and does suck). It's weird how different, overly eighties, and yet kinda cool Kirsty McColl's cover of A New England is. Her early hit, I mean; not the duet with Billy Bragg. That one's cool too, but it's way more Billy.

I wonder what she'd be doing now if a Mexican hadn't run her over with a speedboat.

Ah shite, now I'm getting maudlin.

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