05.10.2004 || 00h38

plays and movies and Iraqi victims of US bullying

Gr. I'm a dolt. I went and ruined a birthday surprise from Mystie, so now I'm the proud owner of the film version of The Shape of Things -- way earlier than I was supposed to be. I hate it when I do crap like that. that's it: from now on, I won't buy anything before my birthday unless it's, like, a magazine or a sandwich.

Or a latté or something. You know what I mean.

Aside from that, I think we're ready to have a reading done of the script for the second vignette. I finally nailed Marv to a chair and got some input, and I think the script's way better now. I have to find a way to get him for the other two, then to discuss a change that a producrer suggested we do to the one vignette that we've already shot. It's going to be big, but at least we won't have to re-shoot it.

In other news, I love it when these chicks walk into the café like they're the hottest shite in town, even though the reality is that each one is just another skanky white chick trying to out hip everyone else's hop. I can't take 'em seriously, packing heat or no. Sorry, bizzle; no shizzle.

By the way, I'm tired of hearing 'This is not America, this is not America' all the time. The ugly fact is that that *is* America. It was America in Korea and it was America in Viet-Nam, and it's America in Iraq. The fact is that the USA is sick. The only hope there is lies in the fact that there are US citizens who cry out against this shite and try to change things. They have strength and should be acknowledged.

America, heal thyself. It's way past time.

||Gods save the Queen,

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