05.06.2004 || 02:14

Sister, Jazz, and Mystie, oh my!

So, we closed and got outta work in fantastic time to-night. I happily jumped onto the Métro and zipped home...

...where I discovered that I didn't have my keys. I had this awful flash of them hanging off the front door of CoffeeHellCo. My boss lives way closer, so...

Yeah, he was about to get into bed when I called. He biked over anyway, and yes, the keys were in the door. He met me on Sherbrooke street and handed them to me, then chatted amiably for about twenty minutes like I hadn't pulled him out of bed at almost midnight.

It seems that one of the other shift leads is slowly imploding. we're not sure what to do about it. She's not like my boss and me; she can't handle stress worth shite and she's starting to come apart. she's bawled all over me twice now, and gave Bossman the same treatment earlier to-day.

I'm going to stay off her back for the next little while. I have little respect for her as a manager, but she's got a great heart and a really caring approach to dealing with people.

Oh, Sister finally came to see me at work to-day! Damn, she's getting big, too. We had a pleasant visit on my break, which was actually kinda weird, because Jazz appeared at work unannounced about a second and a half after Sister, so we all sat together. It was strange to see those two sitting at the same table.

It was also weird because I'd told Mystie not to come to work under any circumstances because Sister was supposed to study while I was working and I didn't want Mystie distracting her, so when Jazz walked in, I was like 'damn, I sure hope this doesn't get weird, what with me having told Mystie not to come here and all.' I've decided not to tell Mystie that Jazz came by, because she might be slightly threatened by her -- for no good reason, of course. But still. I ain't going to tell my girlfriend *who reads this page* that Jazz came by to see me at work to-day. Nope. forgettit.

Alright, now that I've dealt with that...

Aw man, I've just eaten an entire packet of Seaweed Rice Crisps. I think I shall go away and be all self-loathing now...

||Gods save the Queen,

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