05.02.2004 || 10h34

...and over to your left, you can see BC roiling in labour unrest...

I think that what's going on in BC is fantastic. The era of governments simply legislating their workers back to work has just got to stop, simply because governments aren't supposed to treat people that way. For instance, my Da's department's going on 16 months without a contract now. Sorry, but that amounts, in my opinion, to complete negligence on the part of the BC government. Or maybe they just *like* having the power to treat their workers like crap and just order them to work if they try to complain.

Either way, the legislation passed against BC's healthcare workers just smacks of punishment, and I think it's terrific that it didn't work. I think it's also great that more civil servants are going on strike in support because of it. I want to see how this pans out. Just because Bill 37 is wrong. Period.

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