05.18.2004 || 10h53

Pissing and film, pissing and film

And when I say it's raining out, I don't mean that it's drizzling slightly, I mean that it's coming down like it really means it and the gash in the solarium ceiling is dribbling like a baby with a mouthful of milk. The Ceeb said that there might be thunder to-day, but I heard some earlier, so I guess that sorta suckerpunches the 'might' out of that forecast.

And I'd forgotten how depressing my kitchen is on such a pissy day. At one point in my life, walking into that dismal light would have send me into a tailspin of depression. Nowadays I just turn the light on. I'm too busy for that kinda crap these days.

Speaking of which, Marv and I made the disheartening discovery last night that our vignettes add up to a film that will be *way* too short. So we cracked a bottle of wine and settled into work in the living room. fast-forward a few hours and we have the skeleton of two more vignettes that lengthen the film and focus on a formerly minor character, but still keep the film's integrity intact -- hopefully.

But I can't describe to you the feeling in that moment when the math added up wrong: 'what do you *mean* the fucking movie's only going to be an hour? Whattafuck do we do now?'

Gods, this has got to work out for me.

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