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More Moleskine Madness

From the Moleskine:

'Montréal, 31 Decembre 2003
10 best movies (in no particular order):

This list changes all the time, I think. I mean, in hindsight, My Life Without Me prolly wouldn't even merit an honourable mention, even though I really liked it. The acting was great (Damn that Debby Harry), but the dialogue didn't grip me. I think it was just due to my Sarah Polly loyalty. I'd probably slap The Corporation in there these days, markign the advent of the documentary as part of CF's top ten. But then, I'd also put Bowling for Columbine on... I would also list stuff like Das Experiment and Run Lola Run, or maybe Ararat or Maelström... I think it needs to be a top 100, maybe broken down by genre or geographical origin...

Or maybe I'm a film geek.

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