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I keep thinking about stuff these days, but it all spins away before I get a chance to talk about it here. That's just not on, seeing as this page is supposed to be the clearing-house where I work shite out, right? Right. I mean, I've got a Moleskine paper journal as well, but it's more for stuff like my list of 101 things to do before I die, snippets of ideas for poems or songs for the band... Even notes for stories I'm thinking of extensively re-writing. Here's a small snippet:

'Montréal, 10 Fevrier 2004
I tried to remember the phonetic alphabet to-day.
I got lost after 'India.'

I guess my days in the Air Cadets didn't burn anything permanent into me after all --
Aside from a senseless love of the Queen.'

I have another, larger Moleskine with lines in that I use exclusively for film-related stuff. The thing is, these little books are so much faster to whip out than a laptop, and I freaking loathe the Palm Pilot. I've gone through three of them, and I'm really not interested in testing that again.

I'm also developing a real love for the handwritten page again. It justifies my equal and related love of fine fountain pens and notebooks. Maybe it's just an excuse to use beautiful things, but I really like looking at the creamy paper of the Moleskine, covered by ink, and knowing that I wrote every word in spite of how much it hurts to write even a half page because of my tendonitis. Maybe it feels like an accomplishment or something.

||Gods save the Queen,

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