02.11.2004 || 00h52

Some stuff about relationships and CoffeehellCo

But the question remains; how do you trust someone not to start down the old slippery slope that she doesn't trust herself not to go down, especially if it's bad enough that she tried lying about it at first? Do you just have faith and know that she's stronger than that? Do you move on before you get hurt? Do you wait until disaster strikes and deal with it as it comes?

Lots to think about. Perhaps a decision or two as well.

So, someone kicked in the glass on one of the back doors at CoffeeHellCo a couple of nights ago. Didn't even steal a fricking muffin, but they destroyed the place, pulling every drawer out, almost like they were looking for something. They cut the wires to the cameras as well. The next night, I sent Mystie away before closing just in case the object of the previous night's break-in was *to* cut the cameras off... Turned out that there was no need to worry, as nothing untoward happened. Still, better safe than sorry...

It's just getting irritating that shite like that's *always* going down at that particular location. St-Denis street's a fricking hole of drugs and garbage, and for some reason the junkies and pickpockets and other detritus of any given city's decay can't seem to stay away from our bathrooms. Or our back doors, it seems. I'm not paid enough for this, and gods help me if something happens one night while Mystie's there to pick me up. That would be awful.

Uhm, I also had a meeting with the gent who's going to do our film's opening credits and production title to-day. I can't wait to see them.

I just had to end this on a good note. Not everything's gloom and doom around here...

PS: Allayaz Canadians, write to your MP to support the annexation of the Turks and Caicos, willya?

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