02.08.2004 || 12:46

Wedding aftermath

We did something crazy last night. We drove home from a wedding in Ottawa while trying our best not to fall sleepies, because if Marv had fallen asleep, he prolly woulda put us into the ditch somewhere near the Québec/Ontario border. It was late as hell and frigid like it can only get up here, and at one point Marv and I ran around the car a few times at a pitstop somewhere near East Nowheresville (while Mystie slowly fluttered off to sleep in the back seat). In only our shirtsleeves.

By the time we got home, we were all about ready to sleep in the front hall. We forced ourselves to brush teeth and undress and lock the front door and alladat stuff.

The score? Fine evening after all. I didn't spend *too* much time with my own family, what with there being some actual friends there and such. The meal was questionable only in that for some ridiculous reason there were only beef and pork for the main meal; thus irritating three vegetarians, one vegan, and two of us who just don't eat either of those particular kinds of flesh.

Apparently a parental unit was responsible for that, so I don't hold it *too* much against the bride and groom ;-)

I tried to suggest to Marv that he should seduce Maman's Mexican exchange student because she's freaking cute, but apparently the fact that she speaks no French and almost no English is an issue, what with him not knowing any Spanish...

I dunno dude. The international language of love transcends all that stuff.

yeah, I'm gagging too.

Damn, I'm still stupidly tired.

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