02.15.2004 || 18h33

Quick post-St-Val's note

In other news, I spent hte rest of my middling bank account on a coupla St-Val's gifts for Mystie, hten went to work until half-one. Getting to Mystie's place is a little bit like running full-tilt along a tightrope while wearing combat boots. I finally got there an hour and a half later, swapped presents, and fell the fuck asleep.

Then made up for it this morning. Dude, my tongue's *still* sore ;-)

Anyway, after a fairly easy day of lounging around coffeeshops and doing some window shopping, I came to work; where I promptly ran into a customer trying to use a CoffeeHellCo coupon that ain't good in QC even though it says that it works in all Canadian stores. Argh.

Then a half-hour later, some schmuck tried to buy an orange juice with a bogus C$20. I sent him packing, especially after twigging onto the fact that he *knew* it was fake and didn't think I'd check. Ratfucker.

So now I'm on break and wondering why the hell I work on this street. It's just never going to get better around here.

Did I tell you that someone's stealing wallets here again? Guh...

||Gods save the Queen,

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