01.17.2004 || 10h51

Apples and lemons

So, get this: the Apple authorised service monkeys *couldn't* find the problem. Apparently when they can't replicate a problem, they charge the hourly rate, but since I came with a good recommendation and yadda yadda, they waived it. Well, I'm glad to not be out the $80, but fuck. I wrote out an angry-arsed e-mail to Apple, but wouldn't you know it? No e-mail address anywhere on their site.

I'll send cookies to anyone who can get me a useful e-mail address at Apple.

In other news, not much is going on in my life right now.

At all. Hell, I don't even have much to bitch about, iBook woes notwithstanding.

Oh, but (itsnotmyfault) my wallet went through the wash. I saw it as an opportunity to go through all the varia that one collects. You know: business cards from three out-of-business resaurants, taxi receipts from twelve thousand years ago, some old postage stamps that are now pre-'licked' onto their little booklet (oups), My old boss's business card (just in case I decide to sue his corpulent self for wrongful dismissal, I guess), and the other detritus of life that we men allow to coagulate in the viscunity of our arses. After peeling all the soaking little bits of paper apart to let them dry, I realised that it's been too damned long since I cleared out my wallet. I therefore did so; and man, you don't know how lopsidied you've been sitting until the lump is gone. Dude! I feel great! Free! Sexy! Well okay, but you get the point

Hell, I liked it so much that I decided to try letting some money go through the wash next time. You'll all be thrilled to know that the new series Canadian banknotes don't disintegrate (or, strangely, change at *all*) in the wash *or* dryer.

Yeah, money laundering the Canadian way

Hm. Crazy.

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