01.14.2004 || 01h14

A dull entry about money and stuff.

Okay, plan in motion. I have 6 months to get up $4000. That comes out to be about six-and-a-half hundred or so per month. Being as I make about $1100 on a really good month, I have to do some *extremely* creative money management (oh, and thanks the gods for ING Direct's sweet compounding savings rates).

So we bought food to-night. No more eating out -- in restos, that is. We were *going* to see a flick, but we ended up cooking lunches for the coming week instead. Kinda fun, actually. You should try it someday. I made 10 lunch-sized shepherd's pies and a huge fucking soup, and she made some sort of burrito-things for supper.

It also means we'll be leaving Sister's wedding fairly early because we can't afford a motel room in Ottawa and we can't find places to stay for both of us *plus* Marvamillion. Turns out it's for the best as I'm working and Marv's getting on a plane the next day. All's well that ends well and alladatshit.

I guess I'll have to come up with new, amazing sex tricks because we ain't going out very often for the next little while.

Which reminds me: this just came in the mails to-day. A little late-arriving X-mas giftie from Mystie, apparently.

So, if you'll excuse me, I've got to go check my soup before our date with Ms. Ashton.

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