01.19.2004 || 00h42

2¢ worth

To-night, I was holding a penny in my hand. It was so old it had a king on the reverse side (for those of you who know nothing about Canada, Elizabeth II's been the Queen of Canada for a half century), and I started to wonder about how many other hands had held the damn thing. I mean, it's a *penny,* right? but it was in circulation before my Maman was born. It's seen Canada go through World War II, Korea, and the first invasion of Iraq. It was in circulation during the October Crisis In which Canadian troops essentially took over Montréal) and the Oka crisis (in which they failed to take over a Native reserve), and the biggest even in Québecois history since the battle on the Plains of Abraham: the Quiet Revolution.

Just a penny, but if it could tell stories, it'd be worth a whole mint.

||Gods save the Queen,

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