11.20.2003 || 01h10

Can't wait for *bed*

You ridiculous cuntnugget (reference: a cuntnugget is what you *don't* want to find while going down on someone), if the guy behind the counter asks ' 'st pour içi ou pour emporter,' he is asking what variety of cup to put it in, not for a run-down of your evening. If I hear one more refrain of 'C'est pour içi mais dans un coppe en papier' one more time, I'm liable to drink the hapless fool's blood.

So, the bad news is that pickpockets have lifted 4 women's wallets in the past 6 days. The good news is that we think we spotted one. I can't wait for the rat-bastard to come back in. We think that there are about five or six of them working the street. The manager made me promise to call the cops if we spot one, not drag him into the back and mush him into the gravel. I reluctantly agreed... I'm really losing my patience, though.

Anyway, the night before last, I called the police and asked for the area patrol to come in at their convenience. I told them what's been going on and what we think it means, and they gave me some advice about making it seem less inviting for potential robbers to pick us, then swung by at closing just to be sure.

Aside from that, I spent to-day (pre-work, that is) going over the vocal parts to this week's songs and trying to find the instrumental on my CDs. Fighting with it, but I shall overcome and alladat...

How exciting can it possibly get?

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