11.24.2003 || 01h15


So, I'm re-reading the Lord of the Rings because it's been, like 15 years and I hardly remember it. I came across all three volumes at $5 each in a second-hand store over on Boulevard St-Laurent, and I figured what the heck. Means I won't have to borrow Maman's.

Earlier: I still remember Maman's voice and the way she read The Hobbit to me when I was youngyoungyoung. She read in a very academic style, forgoing the sturm und drang of my father's reading style, though she read the Hobbit and he read simpler books to me, though I'm thinking that that's because of the fact that he was no longer around by the time Maman was reading me the Narnia books and Tolkien's stuff.

Where am I going with this, and why is it that all the most earth-shaking, A-list children's literature is British?

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