11.16.2003 || 01h37

Fucking stressful week.

Okay, so there's something wrong with the alarm at work. It went off for no reason at all to-night, then wouldn't activate when I closed. I'd been trying to call the manager all night, and finally left it off with a message that 'the alarm doesn't work, and I don't know what to do, so I'm leaving anyway.'

When the alarm went off, everyone went outside of course. And of course, someone's wallet got stolen. Of course it's the second time this week. Of course a whole swack of sketchy types have been walking in lately and asking what time we close and alladat, basically all the stuff that lead up to our holdup last year. We're under the impression that it'll be soon, so we're starting to take precautions. I showed my staff where the panic button is, and we tightly controlled the bathroom kayes, but I dunno...

But I sent Mystie to another café at closing time, just in case.

It also concerns me that I might be doing something wrong, here. Whenever I check the bathrooms or the basement, or take out the garbage, I have one of the girls follow at a distance with the phone so that if I get jumped, she can dial 911 and hopefully not get damaged herself.

I wonder if there's a way to avoid getting popped off as a way of warning the other staff, though.

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