09.03.2003 || 00:52

Bugged by bullshite

Okay, it took me almost an hour to get out of work after closing to-night because I work with a buncha mongoloids. Seriously, if it's not some goombah adding their tip onto the interac machine then not entering it properly into the cash POS system, it's some other rimjob fucking up the damned Buy One Get One Free coupons. And I just don't know enough to correct all this. Well, I know how to fix an Interac tip now, but the BOGOF prob? no idea.

I think that next time I have to void something, I'm going to call the jerque at home to yell at them, no matter what time it is. I tend to let loose with a fair amount of invective when things aren't going my way: There are the usual cf-sims, like 'Ratfucker,' and more obscure ones like 'buttscraper' or 'munchmonkey.' Sometimes I like to mix 'n' match, as in 'buttfucking ratscraper,' or string a buncj together: 'buttscraping ratfucking munchmonkey cuntnugget!'

I have to admit that if thing are going badly enough, I usually end a particularly vitriolic rant in a fit of giggles.

I guess it had to go that way to-day. The day started off okay, but nothing seemed to go right. i also tried to buy Ararat to-day (don't let the Miramaxed rating fool you, it's rated 'PG-13' in Soviet Canuckistan, not 'R'), but the Interac system at Métro Vidéo wasn't working and I was rushing to work, so I didn't have time to go to a bank and back again.

In way better news, Mystie's actually EMPLOYED!

Too tired to go on. Bedtime for me.

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