09.01.2003 || 11h08

Closing night

Well, last night's show wasn't quite as good, but it didn't suck. Unfortunately, I had *way* more people come to last night's than Saturday's. It was still good, don't get me wrong, but man, my peeps were just *so* on for Saturday's show that I guess they couldn't have topped it.

Afterwards, we went for a cast drink at Ye Olde Orchard and spent some time just yakking *without* the pressure of an impending show sniffing up our arses.

We've decided to have a pot luck supper chez-moi on Thursday. I guess I'd better ask the boys if we can move band practise, although I don't even know if we're re-starting this week or not. Heh, a wee bit out of the loop.

Oh: Maman actually came to see my show!!!! It was so weird to see her walk in, approximately four microseconds after telling my producer that I was going to give up telling my family about these shows. She didn't stay long, but I saw that she was proud, and I think she's finally starting to understand me here.

Hm. Jazz is coming to pick me up for coffee in about an hour, and Mystie wants to have sex, so I guess I'd better go right now.

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