09.05.2003 || 00:19

A little cast party...

So, to-night Marv, Best Friend, Mystie and I hosted a pot-luck supper for the cast of teh play. The girls are just lovely. All three of them. I'm continually surprised by how different Fireball Girl's sister is from her. She did half our dishes before leaving. The guys were good to go as well, except for the one I usually have as my assistant director. Man, I love the guy as an AD, but you can't take him anywhere. He just grates. Not his fault; he doesn't even realise it. Makes me a little sad, actually...

About halfway through the night, I realised that Sister should have been invited to this. I mean, hell; her name was on the wall under 'Costumes,' fer gossakes.

It was a really good night, though. Again I have to say that I was happy as hell with my cast -- unlearned lines notwithstanding.

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