08.17.2003 || 10h34

Filing friends and high-tech goodies

Hm. Well, I hope she got to Tennessee alright. We yakked a bit while she was at the aeroport and she said she'd e-mail me when she got to the parental units' place, but nothing. Dude, it'll be a major drag if she's stuck somewhere. She's only going for a week...

So I've got this extremely intricate phone number filing system that consists of a metric tonne of envelopes, pieces of envelopes, and other assorted bits or paper, cardboard, and well, stuff strategically placed on surfaces and within piles of stuff all over the flat. It's an extremely creative approach to information filing that I've decided really doesn't work. You see, I've lost the number of the Aussie chick who's supposed to do lighting on my film. Next weekend. You see the problem?

Oh, and I'm all tired and shit, too.

Well, I think I'll make use of my Mystieless week to sort of organise some stuff around here. Like my room. Do some more practising, etc. Maybe even see my sister at one point, though I don't really hold out much hope for that. Apparently the kids are in town for three weeks. Aside from meaning that the Slut can't even fit in one 3-hour session with us over the next three weeks (Gods help us if we ever get a gig on a weekend when the kids are in town), it also means that Sister's writing the rest of the world off for the duration. Again. She called me to cuss me out for only calling her to get her help on something after not calling for a donkey's age (I'd called her six times in the previous two weeks. Mix-up pertaining to how long I have to let it ring due to some weird cocktail of cell-phones and land-lines using the same number), and I took the opportunity to let her know that her dropping off the face of the planet whenever Slut's kids are in town was only serving to build up a nice, round well of resentment in me. I mean, yes, I can see how the kids have become an important part of her life. And whereas it's great to emulate a nice, two-parent family for them, but if I ask for a couple hours of your time to help me out with something that's important to *me,* or fuck, even ask if you want to see a flick or have a cup of coffee, the last thing I want to hear is 'love to, but the kids are in town.'

Anyway, I told her I hated it. The old-style Sister would have smiled, nodded, and gone on doing exactly what she wanted, no matter what. It'll be interesting to see how different New Sister actually is.

On a lighter note, I'm starting to think that the US military's made up of complete wimps. I mean, here they are, having eggheads try to lighten the loads while Sergeant Nincompoop complains about how his friends and he couldn't hack the workout in Afghanistan, then you have the facts that a) US troops rarely attacked an enemy hardpoint without sending Canadians in first, b) the highest kill rate of the conflict went to a Canadian unit, and c) our boys have less high-tech toys and super-modern-lightweight yadda yadda yadda than the American boys.

I guess because they have so many more people in their forces, it follows that the median fitness level and well, everything, would be lower, but give me a break...

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