08.19.2003 || 01h49

So, I got promoted...

Home. It took for-evere to get out to-night. I don't know why; it just felt like we were closing for years. Jazz wasn't doing too well, so I guess that sort of slowed her down a bit-- okay, a lot. And I'm really tired these days, so I wasn't going at full-steam, myself.

Okay, and it's *really* hard to type with a plaster on my finger. I have no idea how I cut myself, but there it is and it's taking years to write mere sentences because of it.

Anyway, to-morrow night's my first turn at shift lead. I got a problem employee and a kick-arse one. I'm hoping they'll balance each other out, or that maybe the problem kid will just improve by osmosis...

Yeah, right. Hm, I guess I'd better wash all the pen off my arms. Jazz put a black, black heart on on arm with 'cf+Mystie' under it with a Sharpie, and other miscellaneous messages, making it look like I'm tattooed all to fuck. No idea how we got away with it, and I think it might just serve to undermine my authoritah if I were to show up for my shift with my arms still looking like Jazz's playground.

Wonder how Mystie's doing. She finally arrived in Tennesee, though her luggage didn't, but it's a story I'm going to leave for her to tell. I'm glad she got there in one piece though. Hope she's enjoying herself.

Going to bed. Right now.

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