08.15.2003 || 11h02

some stuff about power and theatre

Hm. Seems like the Cirque du Soleil's getting jiggy wit it. It's kinda weird to see them doing something as overtly sexual as this. I mean, in Québec, sexuality's more of a pervasive thing than an outright show (exception: little Anglo girls from the West End); even though the cities are full of strip-clubs (Hé les boys, n'y-vèzaux danseuses?), they're just other storefronts, rather than wretched hives of scum and villany.

Okay, Zumanity was designed to be the fourth (!) permanenet Cirque show in *Vegas,* so I guess that has to be taken into consideration...

Speaking of showbiz, my rehearsal yesterday was killed halfway through by a power outage that the Ceeb and Hydro-Québec assures us didn't hit Québec. Weird.

Though, please note that the cascading power outages didn't hit Québec or New England. Could it be because those areas are powered by Hydro-Québec? could it be that H-Q learned something after the freaking disaster of '98? Just a thought.

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