06.18.2003 || 00:36

f*ck. F*ckf*ckf*ck... F*ck.

Gr. I'm finally home from work and Mystie's asleep. Of course she is: look at the fucking *time.*

You see, the problem is that we had a rush at two-minutes-til-close, and several of the customers proceeded to sit down and have their drinks on the patio. Finally, I turned to my manager and said 'Look, we've now been closed for a half hour. My girlfriend's probably asleep because she's got a French course in the morning, which means that I ain't going to get to make love to her to-night, which in turn means that if those people don't get off the fucking patio, I'm going to go out and crack skulls.'

She went out and made them leave.

But Mystie's asleep anyway, and there's no way in Hell I'm waking her up on a schoolnight.

Fuznucket. I'd had *plans* for to-night...

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