06.15.2003 || 14h14

more extra work

Oh yeah, I was in a movie yesterday. Nothing big; I was an extra on a short film for Bravo and whatever the American version of Showcase is ('Showtime?' Is that possible?). Anyway, so I spent all day dressed up in this weird vinyl futuristic cop's uniform, running around and acting all macho in the same tunnel that DeNiro gambolled in for The Score. Cold. As hell. We had to basically chase down this rag-clad 'slave girl,' and violate her. Well, My part was to stand back and look on approvingly while a friend of mine did the ravaging. At one point, she sorta said 'ow,' and he immediately changed from 'rargh' to 'Oh shit, you alright? Fuck, sorry, sorry...'

that was kinda funny.

But dude! Why the hell did they start shooting three hours late?

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