06.19.2003 || 11:34

Wow, yet another duu-as-paste entry from cf...

So yeah, this girl who obviously thought that showing off her admittedly sweeet breasts (hell-o spaghetti straps) would take my attention away from her snaggled teeth because somewhat indignant when she discovered that we're now charging for the soy-based beverage we use as an option for our lattés and other yuppie drinks.

Waste one pitcher.

Do I care? The answer is no.

I just spend the morning practising music. There's a bass solo in one of the tunes, and I really needed to come up with something less lame than I was doing. Don't know if I succeeded, but it's a bit different, at least.,...

Started writing a short film yesterday. I figure that if I fire a couple of thousand into a short film this summer and put off filming the big one 'til next year, I might have something under my belt as *film* director instead of *theatre* director. That might make it possible to actually get some *money.*

Gr. I hate feeling stalled.

I'm going to go try to surprise Mystie at her French class, then meet sister for coffee now. Smooches, y'all.

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