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Gnosticism, Agnosticism, and downright daemon-worship

You know, all this talk of Gnostic philosophies in the Matrix and its sequels reminds me of a conversation I had with Mystie about a week ago. we were yakking about Satanism and how it's not really the superpower/soul tradeoff that Hollywood makes it out to be, and I mentioned that, far from being the schlock-horror show that most peoiple think it to be (and that mëtalheads and gothlings the world over think it is), it's just another offshoot of Judaism, same as Christianity and Islam. Except that it's really a reaction to Christianity more than to Judaism; the masses all match, except that they're the mirror images of the Christian ones. I explained further that the whole 'eating the heart of a virgin' thing isn't really part of the actual practise, even though the occasional pimply teenaged headbanger 'coven' gets carried away on a tide of drugs and sexual perversion and into some serious criminality. Yeah, people get murdered. Crazed bible buffers do it too.

And hell, if you count up the corpses strewn in the wake of religions' works, from the original Cannanite genocide wrought by a certain group of wandering Israelites, to the hemisphere-spanning native American genocide committed by wealth- and empire-hungry Christians from Europe; from the crimes against humanity wrought by the Church during the Burning Times, to the wars fought between the Moors and the Christians during the crusades; Hell, to the mad Arab-Israeli mutual-elimination bombathon...

Well, the Satanists actually start to look like the *good* guys.

I dunno. I don't like Satanism because I don't believe that Yahweh/Allah is the One true God or any of that nonsense, so reacting against Him by worshipping His greatest disappointment seems silly.

But. Where the whole thing becomes super interesting is when you get into stuff like the Kabbalah or Gnosticism. The article Mystie sent me reminded me of a few books on Ceremonial magick and other Gnostic-centric subjects I had read several years ago, so I re-visited a couple to-day.

Charlemagne. Tried to turn the Frankish 'state' into a real nation. Introduced a common currency and valued it to match the coinage of the Muslims to encourage trade. He encouraged the development of local aristocracies as part of a plan to centralise control and create a warrior class. He also appointed a bunch of counts and dukes to try and stem some of the regional autonomy. Oh yeah, and he was suddenly crowned 'Holy Roman Emperor' on Christmans day, 800 CE as a means of breaking the Caesaropapism-based power that the Byzantine Emperor held over the West.

He was also the most famous member of the Carolingian dynasty, which had managed to oust the former Frankish rulers, the Merovingians. The Merovingians were more like priest-lings than your standard, run-o'-the-mill emperors; in fact, they were generally thought of as being semi-divine. Rosicrucian thought has them as the descendents of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, others had Mérovée sired by a sea beast of Old Arcadia.

In any event, they were deposed by a certain document called the Donation of Constantine. the Donation of Constantine was published in 751 CE, and it claimed that the Pope was Christ's elected representative on Earth, with the power to create kings as his subordinates. No room for divine rulers there. So the Carolingians made the somewhat impressive leap from being the mayors of the Royal Palace (think of Prime Ministers, I guess) to being the new rulers of the Franks.

The thing is, the document was apparently fraudulent. The document appeared to have been written by Emperor Constantine, and even had his supposed signature on it. Except that there is absolutely *no* evidence of the document's existence anywhere in the 400 years prior to its appearance in 751.

Now that, plus the possibility that the Merovingian dynasty really was sired by someone or something divine would explain why the Carolingians spent their entire turn as rulers marrying their children into the Merovingian bloodline. It was obviously a way of lending their misbegotten kingship a degree of legitimacy.

Enter the Prieuré de Sion, a secret order whose aim it is to return the descendants of the Merovingian kings to their place as rulers of Europe. Enter the Knights Templar, which the Prieuré had infiltrated the Roman Church to create. Cue the Crusades, with the secret aim of restoring the Merovingians as heirs of the messianic line. In 1314 AD Pope Clement V and the French King Philippe IV had the grand master of the Knights Templar burned. As the smoke curled around him, Jacques de Molay called for both his persecutors to join him before god within the year. both did.

Cue Gnosticism, with its philosophy of salvation through knowledge and study, as opposed to blind faith. Ceremonial Magick and the use of cyphers and angelic script; arcade studies that delve into the Mysteries of divinity... man, all the good stuff. All the stuff in which I like to bury myself. I like to read about this because it appeals to my love of the arcane.

But to me, it's all academic. Sure, the Prieuré might exist, with its aim of a pan European parliament and a re-established Merovingian dynasty. Jesus might have been taken down from the cross and nursed back to health on a ship bound for what would one day be called France. hell, even the Masons might actually mean something.

But I ain't willing to bet money on it. Especially as my family is more than remotely connected to one of the bloodlines described as having Merovingian claims. Sorry. I can't believe that my fucked-up relatives have a millilitre of semi-fucking-divine blood in them.

but there's still a little church in Rennes-le-château with a statue of the daemon Asmodeus just inside and the inscription 'Terribilis est locus iste' over the door that I just *have* to see one day.

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