05.27.2003 || 22h43

Hm, I think I'm supposed to be unhappy about this...

Hm. No wonder my boss was such a fucknut about giving me a gig date in July. He was just too damned weanie to tell me his brother was firing me to-day.

Bright side: I now have time to practise music in the mornings.

Bright side: I don't have to go into that fucking pub anymore.

Bright side: I can now give more hours to Coffee Hell, where yes, it's meaningless work, but at least stuff works according to some sort of system.

Lousy side: How do I pay my rent? Now, I mean. Not in a few weeks when I've picked up some more shifts of coffee-slinging goodness.

Yeah, I don't know either.

||Gods save the Queen,

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